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Cheshire labels - These labels are ungummed and printed 4 across on continuous paper. They can only be affixed by a lettershop that has a cheshire labeling machine.

Pressure Sensitive labels - These labels are gummed (peel and stick) printed 4 across. They can be affixed by hand or by a cheshire labeling machine.

3x 5 Cards - These cards contain name and address. Telephone numbers and additional information are available in most instances.

CD ROM - This is a read only CD. You must export the data to a program such as excel, in order to work with the data.

  • Names provided on CD are for unlimited and multiple usage.
  • Reach your potential clients over and over again at no additional charge.

Bulletin Board System - Call in your order in the morning, and pick up your information in the afternoon. We will post the data on our bulletin board for easy retrieval.


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